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Heavy Equipment Towing: 1966 Cessna 210

Heavy Equipment Towing Team Tows Airplane to Plain City, Ohio

Our heavy equipment towing team made their way down to Bolton Field Airport in Columbus, Ohio. Their task for the day was to tow a 1966 Cessna 210 to its owner’s home in Plain City, Ohio. Did you know that the first Cessna 210 was flown in 1957? It remained a popular model until they stopped producing it almost three decades later in 1986.

The owner planned on restoring the plane back to its former glory. Who doesn’t love a good DIY restoration? With the wings already transported to Plain City by their customer, the heavy equipment towing team set their sights on the rest of the Cessna.

Using a winch, they slowly pulled the plane onto their rollback tow truck. With the airplane on the rollback, the heavy equipment towing team secured it down using multiple straps around the landing gear.

Fully secured and ready to go, the team made the 22 mile trip to Plain City, Ohio. The plane is now being restored and we cannot wait to see the finished work! 

Did any of you spot an airplane on the interstate last week? Did you snap any pictures? We’d love to see them!

Details of Heavy Equipment Towing Team Tows Airplane to Plain City, Ohio

Capital Towing’s dispatch team received a request for a heavy equipment towing job. The heavy equipment towing job would take place at Bolton Field Airport, a public airport in Columbus. A heavy equipment towing team was dispatched from 1306 Harmon Ave, Columbus, OH, 43223.

The airport was a short drive from Capital Towing. The heavy equipment hauling team was able to make the 8.7 mile drive in less than twenty minutes. Arriving right on schedule, the heavy equipment tow truck team located their customer and the airplane they would be towing.

The heavy duty towing team backed up their rollback tow truck towards the front of the 1966 Cessna 210. Using their winch line, they hooked onto the front wheel of the airplane’s landing gear.

Now that they were hooked onto the plane, the heavy equipment hauling team slowly began to winch it onto their rollback trailer. With the airplane now on the rollback tow truck, the heavy equipment transport team began securing it in place. They used several strategically placed straps around the landing gear to ensure that the plane wouldn’t be taking off on the interstate!

Once the heavy equipment towing team was confident that the plane was fully secured, they made their way out of Bolton Field Airport and began the 20 mile journey to Plain City, Ohio. 

When they reached the customer’s home, the heavy equipment tow truck team removed the straps from the landing gear. They used the winch to slowly roll the airplane off of the rollback trailer. With the airplane now at it’s owners home, the restoration work on it could begin. 

The heavy equipment tow company made their way back to their office in Columbus.

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