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Heavy Rigging Company Expertly Stacks Trailer

Heavy Rigging Company Assists Customer Transporting Trailer from Ohio to Canada 

Embarking on a mission of expertise and reliability, Capital Towing swiftly responded to the call of a customer in need of assistance from a heavy rigging company. Recognizing the unparalleled proficiency of Capital Towing, the customer wasted no time in seeking their aid, confident that the job would be handled with utmost precision.

With a sense of urgency, the diligent heavy rigging company dispatcher greeted the customer’s call with unwavering attentiveness, gathering all the essential details to ensure the dispatch of the perfect crew and equipment for the task at hand. The customer was located in Columbus, Ohio, off the I-270, on Williams Road.

The heavy rigging company dispatcher carefully listened as the customer explained their need to stack a trailer onto their own for transport. Once armed with all the necessary information, the dispatcher swiftly mobilized a dedicated crew member equipped with a powerful 25-ton wrecker.

Utilizing endless loops and two winch lines, the team member expertly lifted the trailer with remarkable efficiency. In a mere ten minutes, the task was accomplished, leaving the trailer ready to embark on its journey to its destination in Canada. Amazing work to the heavy equipment towing pros at Capital Towing! 

Details of Heavy Rigging Company Assists Customer Transporting Trailer from Ohio to Canada 

Capital Towing recently came to the assistance of a customer who needed the help of a heavy rigging company. The customer called the heavy rigging company straight away, knowing that he could rely on Capital Towing to get the job done right. 

The heavy rigging company dispatcher promptly answered the call and asked the customer for all the important details in order to send out the correct heavy rigging company crew and equipment for the job. The customer explained that he was from Columbus, Ohio, and that he was located off I-270, on Williams Road. 

The customer explained to the heavy rigging company dispatcher that he needed a trailer stacked onto his own trailer for transport. Once the dispatcher received all the necessary information, she dispatched 1 crew with a 25 ton wrecker straight to the location on Williams Road. 

Once the heavy rigging company crew member arrived on the scene, he assessed the situation and got straight to work stacking the trailer. The heavy rigging company team member used endless loops and two winch lines to lift the trailer up. Within 10 minutes, it was ready to go to its destination in Canada. 

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