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Heavy Towing Company Decks Volvo Semi-Truck

Heavy Towing Company Assists with Semi-Truck Delivery for Out-of-State Auction Buyer

When it comes to heavy duty towing, it is essential to call a heavy towing company that has specialized equipment and vehicles to handle the job. The experienced team at Capital Towing recently flexed their skills when they received a call from a driver who need heavy towing expertise. 

The customer, located on I-270 in Groveport, OH, needed the help of the experts and knew that Capital Towing would be the best choice for the job. He explained to the Capital dispatcher that he had to deck a mammoth-sized Volvo semi-truck onto a step deck trailer for an out-of-state delivery to an auction buyer. He also knew that this was not a job you could DIY! That’s why he called in the big guns at Capital Towing!

As soon as the Capital Towing pro arrived, he assessed the situation and got straight to work. He brought his 25-ton Century wrecker to assist with the heavy recovery. Using the wrecker’s mighty boom, he lifted the nose of the truck. Then, with the help of the wheel lift, he gracefully decked the truck’s rear onto the trailer.

The Capital pro seamlessly completed the Volvo semi-truck decking in just 45 minutes! Needless to say, the customer was happy that the job was done without a hitch and expected nothing less from the heavy towing company, Capital Towing! Within the hour, the Volvo semi-truck was on the step deck trailer and ready to be delivered to the auction buyer. Another job well done to the towing pros at Capital Towing! 

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Details of Heavy Towing Company Assists with Semi-Truck Delivery for Out-of-State Auction Buyer

Heavy towing company, Capital Towing, recently assisted a client who needed the help of towing professionals. The heavy towing company dispatcher received the call from the customer who was located at Groveport, OH, on the I-270.

The client explained to the heavy towing company dispatcher that they needed to deck a Volvo semi truck onto the step deck trailer. He knew that he could not handle the heavy towing job alone and that he needed the help of heavy towing professionals. The client was picking up the truck to take it out of state to a customer who had bought it at auction.

The heavy towing company dispatcher dispatched one team member from the heavy towing company for the job. He brought with him a 25-ton Century wrecker to complete the heavy tow. 

Once the heavy towing company pro arrived at the scene, he assessed the situation and got to work. First, he used the 25-ton century wrecker to pick up the nose of the truck with the boom. Then, the heavy towing company team member picked up the rear of the truck with the wheel lift and placed it on the deck of the trailer. The Volvo semi-truck was ready to be transported out of state and delivered to the auction buyer. 

The entire job took the heavy towing company professional just 45 minutes. 

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