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Tractor Trailer Towing for 43,000 lb LoaD

Inclement Weather Leads to Tractor Trailer Towing in Hilliard, OH

Snow and ice caused poor visibility for a truck driver, resulting in him having to call for tractor trailer towing for his truck and trailer. The driver called the professional Hilliard towing company, Capital Towing & Recovery after he realized that he needed expert help in order to recover his trailer. 

Unfortunately, his trailer, which was carrying a 43,000 lb load of building equipment, got stuck in a ditch when he missed the road that he was backing into. The snowy weather led to low visibility and resulted in a minor accident. 

The tractor trailer towing team of 2 from Capital Towing made their way to the Hilliard, Ohio location where they were met by the customer and local police. Thanks to the local police department, they were able to secure the area before beginning the tow. 

In only 30 minutes, the expert towing team was able to winch the trailer out of the ditch! They completed the job by providing their mobile roadside repair services to the driver so that they could fix any issues with the trailer. Kudos to the Capital Towing team!  

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Details of Inclement Weather Leads to Tractor Trailer Towing in Hilliard, OH

Capital Towing & Recovery recently assisted a customer who needed tractor trailer towing in Hilliard, OH. The customer called the heavy towing company for tractor trailer towing after his trailer got stuck in the ground in a ditch. 

He told the towing company dispatcher that his truck and trailer with a 43,000 lb load of building equipment had missed the road they were backing into. This was due to the poor visibility from the snow and ice that day. The customer needed tractor trailer towing because the dolly leg was stuck onto the ground due to the trailer leaning.

The tractor trailer towing team of 2 from Capital Towing quickly made their way to the location on Leppert Road south off Hayden Run Road in Hilliard. To assist with the tractor trailer towing, they brought with them a 25 ton heavy duty wrecker. 

Once they arrived at the scene, they were met by the customer and the local police department. The police assisted the tractor trailer towing team from Capital by blocking the roadway. Once the scene was safely cleared, the team began the tractor trailer towing job. 

First, they used both winch lines and double-lined them with snatch blocks. One was used to hook to the tow pins in the front of the tractor. The second line was used to keep the trailer from leaning and as an extra pull forward. The tractor trailer towing team winched the tractor trailer back onto the road. They had to cage one of the trailer brakes due to a broken air line, but safely got the unit into a parking lot. 

To complete the tractor trailer towing job, they provided the driver with mobile roadside repair in order to fix the issues with the trailer. The entire tractor trailer towing job took Capital Towing 30 minutes in total. 

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